Connect Sage Accounting Global to Loyverse

Integrate Sage Accounting Global with your Loyverse account and save valuable time by automating your workflow.

What does it do?

Connect your Loyverse account with your Sage Accounting Global business and save hours of manual data entry. 

For Receipts from Loyverse, create Summaries in Sage Accounting Global.

Have Sales created in your Sage Accounting Global account for all Receipt Summaries made in your Loyverse account. Retrieve Receipt Summaries from Loyverse by setting to retrieve orders, map tax codes and send payments to Sage Accounting Global.


Retrieve Payment Summaries created in your Loyverse and set an order number prefix ensuring that all orders from your store have a unique number that identifies the source system.

Map tax codes available in your Wix site to tax codes in Sage Accounting Global

Map sales, refund, pay in/pay out and surcharges accounts in your Loyverse account to accounts in Xero

Choose a default account in Sage Accounting Global to deposit for all payments made in Loyverse. Advanced options allow you to map deposit accounts in Sage Accounting Global for different payment methods available in your Loyverse account.

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