Connect MYOB AccountRight to Wix

Get your MYOB AccountRight account happily talking and sharing with your Wix site and save valuable time by automating your workflow.

What does it do?

Connect your Wix site to your MYOB AccountRight business and save hours of manual data entry. 

When an Order is created in Wix, create an Invoice in MYOB AccountRight

Have Invoices created in your MYOB AccountRight account for all orders made in your Wix site. Retrieve Order from Wix by setting default shipping and discount items, retrieve orders with a chosen payment status, map tax codes, create new Items and send payments to MYOB AccountRight.


Choose to retrieve orders created in your Wix site depending on:

  • Whether they come from your Wix Store, Wix Bookings, Wix Events or Wix Hotels
  • Their payment status
  • Advance options allow you to:
    • Choose to create transactions as sales invoices or sales order
    • Set an order number prefix ensuring that all orders from your store have a unique number that identifies the source system.
    • Set tax type on sale to be as the original, tax inclusive or tax exclusive.
    • Assign job codes for invoices.
    • Assign order category for your invoices.
    • Choose to let the MYOB AccountRight generate invoice numbers
    • Assign the invoice to the original customer, customer’s organisation, or generic online sale customer
    • Assign payment due date to C.O.D, prepaid, in a given no. of days, on a day of the month, no. of days after EDM or day of month after EDM.
    • Assign invoice deliver status to already printed and sent, to be printed, to be emailed or to be printed and emailed.

Create new items in MYOB AccountRight for products available on your Wix Site

  • Assign an income account for new items
  • Assign an expense account for new items
  • Assign a selling tax code for new items
  • Assign a buying tax code for new items
  • Choose to create items as non-inventoried items or inventoried items

Map tax codes available in your Wix site to tax codes in MYOB AccountRight


Choose a default account in MYOB AccountRight to deposit for all payments made in Wix. Advanced options allow you to map deposit accounts in MYOB AccountRight for different payment methods available in your Wix site. You can also to choose to handle overpayments and map an account to assign to overpayments.

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