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Integrate ebay

Your accounting app not available for selection?

Some accounting apps might not have the payout feature enabled for managed payments yet. You can still start your free trial and receive the 20% discount on your OneSaas subscription. Your eBay account will connect to your accounting app but the payout workflow will not be available. Click on any Start free trial button to find the other accounting apps to connect to eBay.

Integrate Freshbooks

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Available Workflows

Sync eBay orders to create invoices

Invoices and customers are automatically created when an orders are placed in eBay.

Sync eBay products to create items 

When products are created in eBay, create the new items in your accounting app

Sync eBay payouts to create a deposit or bank transfer

Have payouts paid in eBay to create a deposit or bank transfer in your Accounting App.

Update stock levels from your Accounting App

Update stock levels in your accounting app to update the stock levels in eBay automatically.

Your Accounting App will be the master for product stock. So, ensure that the initial stock levels in your Accounting App matches the stock levels in eBay.

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Integrate ebay

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