Integrate Datapel
Integrate BigCommerce

Integrate Datapel with BigCommerce

Get your Datapel account connected with BigCommerce and save valuable time by automating your workflow.

Integrate Datapel

What is Datapel?

Designed for growing business that need improved warehouse and manufacturing functionality. Datapel delivers advanced inventory management capabilities without the need to overhaul your existing accounting software.

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Integrate BigCommerce

Connect your BigCommerce e-commerce store to OneSaas and automate your business saving time and money.

Get a BigCommerce account.

What does it do?

When an order is placed in BigCommerce, I want:

To send unpaid orders as Parked and paid orders as Completed or Parked to Datapel


  • Associate the Sale with the Original Customer, the Customer's Organization or a single Online Sale Customer
  • Create the associated products

When a product's stock level is updated in Datapel, I want:

To update the stock level in BigCommerce

When an order shipping tracking is updated in Datapel, I want:

To update the order shipping tracking in BigCommerce

Integrate Freshbooks

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How it works

Step 1

Add at least 2 apps to your OneSaas account

Step 2

Configure the integration workflows to suit your business needs

Step 3

Set up the integration sync frequency and starting date, and enjoy the automation!

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