Order details for Wix to QuickBooks Online

Choose to retrieve orders created in your Wix site depending on:

  • Whether they come from your store or bookings
  • Their payment status
  • Create Sale as a sale invoice or a sale receipt.
  • Advance options allow you to:
    • Set an order number prefix ensuring that all orders from your store have a unique number that identifies the source system.
    • Set tax type on sale to be as the original, tax inclusive or tax exclusive.
    • Assign invoice to a default class
    • Assign invoice to a default location
    • Assign the invoice to the original customer, customer’s organisation, or generic online sale customer
    • Let QuickBooks Online generate a new invoice number for each sale
    • Select the product that will be used to represent discount costs (a negative item sale).
    • Set transactions to allow credit card payments.


Choose to match items to QuickBooks Online by Name or SKU.


Map tax codes available in your Wix site to tax codes in QuickBooks Online


Create new items in QuickBooks Online for products available on your Wix Site

  • Choose to create items as non-inventoried items or inventoried items
  • Assign an income account for new items
  • Assign an expense account for new items


Choose a default account in QuickBooks Online to deposit for all payments made in Wix. Advanced options allow you to map deposit accounts in QuickBooks Online for different payment methods available in your Wix site.