Order details for Amazon to Xero

  • Have your invoices in Xero be created depending on the order status in Amazon

Advanced features give you control on how your invoices show in Xero such as:

– assigning a prefix

– create unpaid and paid invoices as either a draft, submitted/awaiting approval or authorized/awaiting payment status

– Set tax type on the sale to be as the original, tax inclusive or tax exclusive

– Let Xero generate a new invoice number for each sale

– Swap the billing and shipping address in Xero

– Assign the sale to the customer details of your choice, be it original customer, the customer’s organisation or generic online sale customer. 

Select Due Date Offset and assign a Due Date offset type to transactions that do not have a due date.

Map tracking codes

  • Have tax codes set to products in your invoices. 
  • Create inventoried items in Xero as non inventoried or inventoried items.
  • Have an income or expense account set for all new items created in Amazon.
  • Send payments from your Amazon store to Xero