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Formerly a contemporary art curator, writer, and researcher, Milena is now a successful handmaker
who started off making natural skin care products for her friends in 2007. Having received
large amounts of positive feedback, Milena launched Just the Goods in 2009 so more people
could enjoy her made-to-order products. Just the Goods is a way for people to experience
natural skin care without any exposure to mass produced chemicals. Based in Winnipeg, Canada, she receives orders from around the world. Milena’s products have been granted Champion Status by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and is revolutionizing skin care for all.

When business apps get along

Just the Goods uses Shopify for its online store and QuickBooks Online to manage its
accounting. OneSaas seamlessly connects these two apps so that Just the Goods saves
time and money.

When Milena creates new products in her Shopify store, her products are automatically created in QuickBooks, and when she updates her stock level in QuickBooks, the stock level is automatically updated in Shopify. When customer orders are placed in Shopify, the invoices are also automatically created in QuickBooks. When a customer cancels an order or requests a refund, the refund receipt is automatically created in QuickBooks.

Reliability and Confidence

Before OneSaas, Milena was manually entering data with many instances of typographical
errors: “the process was tedious.” However, she discovered OneSaas and is extremely satisfied with her experience. She believes that she should have made OneSaas her first
choice from the very beginning and has enjoyed the utility OneSaas has provided her.

Milena also loves how reliable OneSaas is with data transfers; she trusts the solution and is confident that her data will not be misplaced. “Every data sync is reliable, and the information transferred is exactly what I want and need without extras I’m forced to change manually so my invoices remain consistent.”

More Time Leads to More Opportunity

Just the Goods is a small-scale operation that is run by one person by choice. Milena stated, “OneSaas has helped save time on administration so I can redirect attention toward both customer service and production.” By having OneSaas constantly by her side, Milena is able to focus more on what she likes best and is simultaneously saving time and money.

“It is much easier to start work each day knowing orders from the previous day have already
appeared in QBO, and all I need to sort out my production schedule is to look at what clients have requested. Easy!”

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