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Amazon Fashions is based in Ballina, NSW, Australia. For over 18 years it operated as a physical store on the main street of town. Karen and her husband purchased the business in 2007 and now operate it as an online store only – although Karen does make the occasional house call in the Ballina area. With three main collections (fashion clothing, formal dresses, and work clothes), Karen is providing an affordable and easy way to shop for clothes. Her customers keep coming back because her number one priority is customer satisfaction.

When business apps get along

Amazon Fashions uses Shopify for its online store and Xero to manage its accounting. OneSaas seamlessly connects these two apps so that Amazon Fashions saves time and money.

When Karen creates new products in her Shopify store, her products are automatically created in Xero, and when she updates her stock level in Xero, the stock level is automatically updated in Shopify. When customer orders are placed in Shopify, the invoices are also automatically created in Xero. When a customer cancels an order or requests a refund, the refund receipt is automatically created in Xero. She has even now linked her eBay online store through OneSaas and she believes it will save her lots of time.

Work gets done while you sleep

Before using OneSaas, Karen was spending lots of time manually entering data from Shopify to Xero, which led to human errors. Here is how she described her frustration: “I was wasting so much time with the whole process it was driving me mad.” She knew that there had to be a solution for her problems.

Karen was excited when she came across her solution: “OneSaas has changed my life and saved so much time by linking Shopify with Xero.” It has allowed Karen to spend much less time on her bookwork and more of her time developing and growing her business: “OneSaas integrates Xero with Shopify beautifully and everything happens while I sleep.”

Time savings leads to business growth

Now Karen manages her daily transactions using the integrations OneSaas offers and finds her experience with OneSaas to be life-saving: “I feel like my business can grow as big as it wants and I’ll cope.” Karen finds the OneSaas customer care great to work with: “Any problems I’ve had, they’ve helped out really quickly and explained what happened. Love OneSaas and totally recommend it to you.”

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