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Melissa is a mother of two. She started making baby clothes for her daughter with a borrowed sewing machine and travelled to the U.S. for fabric. In 2013, she decided to create a business to bring fun and innovative fabrics into Canada. That is how Funky Monkey Fabrics Inc. was born. With over 2500 designs, Melissa revolutionized the Canadian fabric industry and was a top-5 finalist for Canada’s Mompreneur Start-Up award.

When business apps get along

Funky Monkey Fabrics Inc. uses BigCommerce for its online store and QuickBooks Online to manage its accounting. OneSaas seamlessly connects these two apps so that Funky Monkey Fabrics Inc. saves time and money.

When Melissa creates new products in her BigCommerce store, her products are automatically created in QuickBooks, and when she updates her stock level in QuickBooks, the stock level is automatically updated in BigCommerce. When customer orders are placed in BigCommerce, the invoices are also automatically created in QuickBooks. When a customer cancels an order or requests a refund, the refund receipt is automatically created in QuickBooks.

Simplicity at its Finest

Melissa used to spend hours manually inputting data from her online store to her accounting platform. She did not like the tedious work: “Before OneSaas I was manually entering all my sales one at a time. It was a process that I dreaded and usually got so far behind at, that I would spend hours upon hours playing catch up at the end of each month.”

With OneSaas, her life was made easier by saving her up to 5 hours a week: “It is so smooth. I don’t even think about it now, I just let OneSaas do its job while I focus on the fun parts of my business!”

Confidence and Trust are Key

With OneSaas, there is nothing to really worry about. As Melissa stated, “OneSaas transfers all of my customers’ data and website orders to QuickBooks every day for me. I receive an email with an update on how many transactions were imported and if there were any issues that I need to address.” She is happy that she can go about her day confidently knowing that OneSaas will correctly transfer over any data she pleases.

“OneSaas is a wonderful tool for anyone with a website and a QuickBooks account. I process 40-50 orders per day and not having to input each of those is a life saver!”

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