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I recently interviewed Peter Sayers, Director of Wire Industrial and Marine as part of our OneSaas Customer Success Stories initiative which aims mainly to feature our loyal customers and their businesses.

We didn’t really look too far as OneSaas was the most highly rated and limited input required. —Peter Sayers

In this edition of our podcast, Peter shares how he, a one-man operation, manages to run his online business selling:

  • hand swages;
  • swage tools;
  • stainless steel wire;
  • and wire cutters;

used mainly for marine, industrial, architectural and construction, and mining industries. He also talked about how integrating Shopify and MYOB using OneSaas proved to be beneficial for his business.

You can watch the one-on-one interview in the video attached  above, and below is an excerpt of a separate written interview with Peter:


Tell us more about your business! How long have you been in business?

Wire Industrial & Marine “wireindustrialmarine.com.au” is a newly formed subsidiary of Dolphin Marine Pty Ltd. It was created as an online provider of our manufactured products to the market without treading on the toes of our major account customers who are potentially trying to market their entire range to the same market.

Dolphin itself has been running for approx. 45 years starting with my father buying this portion of another company, re-branding as Dolphin and selling to a neighbor 22 years ago and then I brought the business back in 2011.

How many employees do you have?

I am a 1-man operation.

What are some of the objectives and highlights of your business?

To be a smoothly operated and genuinely reliable Australian manufacturer competing with products from Asia.

How did you evaluate shopping carts to use for your business? What are the things that you considered?

I read a few blog articles online and the common factor was that the Shopify platform was well regarded & relatively simple to use.

Describe in detail your situation before OneSaas. Did you have lots of data entry, etc.?

Nothing has changed in the main running of the business, however the integration with the website to MYOB does reduces the double handling of data and also reduces the the risk of error at my hand. If all goes to plan and as the website increases in its visibility on Google I am hoping there will be a substantial increase in turnover.

Did you look at any other similar products? What made you choose OneSaas?

We didn’t really look too far as OneSaas was the most highly rated and limited input required.

Is there a particular aspect of our product or service that you rely on most?

The synchronization is the most beneficial feature for me as the sales pickup I may move to a higher level plan but at this time I can quickly do a manual sync and the invoice is into MYOB without me having to manually input the data.

Did that meet your expectations?

When I went through the initial setup, it was mostly okay, a few small tweaks since and it is been trouble free.

How does OneSaas contribute to your business success?

It is an overall part of the business and potential success of the new website. In the future as sales increase the benefits will be more quantifiable.

How much time and money does OneSaas save for your business?

At the moment it is probably around 2 hours a month, where I am getting around 12-15 sales a month, but the aim is to get to 50-80 sales a month, the savings in time then will be substantial, if you take into account I value my time at about $120.00/hr. All the while I can continue to operate as a one-man operation and the convenience of working from home. Rarely battling the nightmare that is Sydney traffic.

What makes you happy about your business? How does OneSaas help you achieve this?

Being self employed and working from home is it’s own reward & no one to control how and when you do things. I regularly will work late at night and have a half day the next day, particularly in beach season!


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Adrian Aquiles Abellar is OneSaas’ Marketing Manager.