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When you are considering whether to build your own integrations or partner to meet your customers' and your business' workflow automation requirements, OneSaas provides the best of both options, delivering 1st-party, native user experience combined with more than eight years of integration expertise.

Why Partner with OneSaas?

  • OneSaas builds robust integrations based on customer, industry and discipline knowledge that improves the quality of data between apps
    • We address the obvious use cases as well as the advanced use cases that enable small businesses to run their business their way
    • We understand accounting and get it right - orders and invoices are re-calculated to ensure accurate line item, tax, discounting and shipping calculations
    • We support linking, de-duping and merging of contacts and products between apps
  • OneSaas proactively maintains an ecosystem of integrations
    • If not actively maintained, most integrations will be broken within 4 months
    • The average release of new APIs requiring partial to complete rebuild of integrations is 30 months
  • OneSaas works with you to market the integrations and drive adoption
    • We work with your team on co-marketing programs, including publishing and managing your app listings in partner app stores

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Integrations are embedded in your application, providing a first-party, native user experience

  • Integration activation is silent and seamless within Unleashed:
    • Single Sign-On – customers only use their current app login to authenticate
    • Auto-provisioning – a OneSaas account is created automatically using the details provided through the SSO token in the query string
  • Your branding, look and feel:
    • Customers manage their integrations from within your application - delivered in invisible Iframes and on sub-domains
    • Dedicated knowledge base for self-help and customer support, with your branding
    • Integrations page branded with a “Powered by OneSaas” footer and EULA
  • Show only the apps your customers need
    • You decide which integrations to display and feature
    • OneSaas can also build private integrations to meet business partnership requirements, considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Flexible to meet most UX and workflow requirements

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