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Integrate Xero with OneSaas
We integrate

Connect your Xero Accounting software with every application you use across your business

OneSaas integrates with more than 50 applications. So choose the applications you use across your business and connect this with Xero. You can synchronize the data across your business and capture key data across your CRM, Email Marketing, Billing, Invoicing, eCommerce stores and much more. 

The data from Xero can be synchronized across platforms Hourly or Daily

The data from Xero can be synchronized daily or hourly (based on the plan you choose). With straight-through automated processes it can save hours in a day and removes manual, time consuming processes. Synching billing, invoicing and payment systems is a must. As is linking with your online store or Point of Sale systems. 

It takes minutes to set up your integration. Not hours

Getting started is easy. Just follow the step-by-step guides. You can log into your Xero account or retrieve your API key, or if you need help our team are here 24/7!

You can choose the data from Xero you want to connect

Xero Accounting Integrations

  • - Full contact management including merging and synchronization is supported.
  • - Can be created automatically from eCommerce orders, CRM deals or invoicing systems.
  • - Can be automatically mapped to different bank/clearing accounts. There is no support for pushing payment information into Xero (yet).

Ancillary Integrations

  • - All the tax rates are imported from Xero to allow easy application of taxes on incoming invoices.
  • - Are retrieved and can be used for generating invoices and map line items to the correct accounts.
  • - Are used to match cleared payments for simplified bank reconciliation.
  • - Are retrieved and can be used to map and generate sales by matching them to your sold products on eCommerce platforms. New inventory items can also be created on the fly in Xero if new products are detected in other systems.

No Set-up Fee

Only pay for what you need
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*All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD)