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OneSaas - business apps happily working together

We enable app developers to deliver a full suite of high-quality business data integrations to their customers via a single connection to our hub. OneSaas delivers unbeatable financial efficiency and quality that cannot be replicated by other platforms or by apps building, maintaining and supporting their own native integrations.

For the thousands of small, medium and enterprise customers of our app developer partners, OneSaas  ensures the apps they use to run their business happily work together.

Who we are

Jeff Perlman


Corneliu I. Tusnea

CTO & Founder

Rachel White


Matt Nade

Customer Success Leader

Paulo Magalhaes

Project Manager

Francois Beaussier

Senior .Net Developer

Johnny Chiang

Senior Support & Training manager

Adela Chibulcutean

Customer Champion / Team Leader

Karthik Ramaswamy

QA Lead

Dasha Semerenko

QA Automation

Laszlo Szakacs

Developer Advocate

Matt Baracz

Developer Advocate

Luiza Lisnic

Customer Champion

Joseph Ganesan

.Net Developer

Andrew Papadopoulos

.Net Developer

Melania ...

Customer Champion

Teodor Suicu

Customer Champion

Szaby ...

Customer Champion

Our Story

In 2008, OneSaas founder Corneliu Tusnea was managing several web stores in his spare time between consulting jobs.  The time being consumed, errors and other pains of manually reconciling the data from his web stores with his accounting software and importing and exporting contacts from multiple stores to his email marketing software led him to build an integration that would automate these workflows and keep his data accurate and in sync across disparate services.  In the process of doing so, Corneliu met many other businesses – clients of the software he was integrating – that shared the same pain and asked if they could use his integration as well.

Recognizing the widespread need for a simple and efficient cloud integration platform that delivers real value to businesses, Corneliu shut down his web stores, spent the next 18 months bootstrapping the development of a multi-point integrations platform and then, in November 2010, launched OneSaas in beta with four services connected (Saasu, Adobe Business Catalyst, Google Contacts, Campaign Monitor) and a handful of clients.  In February 2011 they gladly started paying for the service.

Run the clock forward a year and 30+ services were integrated via OneSaas, hundreds of businesses were synchronizing their data on the platform and it was time to evolve.  A timely coffee with former colleague Jeff Perlman, a five minute chat and a plan began to take shape – Jeff joined as OneSaas CEO at the end of 2011, allowing Corneliu to focus on the continued growth of the platform while Jeff focused on building the business side of things.

The OneSaas team is now a humble group of passionate and energetic people headquartered in St. Leonards in Sydney Australia, with offices in Targu Mures Romania and Mountain View California.

Work With Us!

OneSaas is an open, collaborative place to work and learn.

Interested in joining our team? Checkout current roles below:

Customer Champion

Quality Assurance Champion

Product Lead / Program Manager

Latest News

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