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Integrate GraphicMail with OneSaas
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Connect GraphicMail with OneSaas and synch your contact data across platforms

Use OneSaas to synchronize your contacts from GraphicMail with other contact databases you use, including your CRM systems or even your billing and invoicing platforms. You can keep your business in synch and up to date no matter what software service you're using. Take a look at all the apps you can synch with OneSaas.

Synchronize GraphicMail data hourly or daily

OneSaas can synchronize the data from GraphicMail with other applications on an hourly or daily basis (based on the plan you choose). There's no need to download excel spreadsheets or match up CSV files. The synchonization process is done automatically and can save hours in a day.

Set up your GraphicMail connection in minutes. Not hours

Getting started is easy and you can follow the simple guides. Once you've opened an account with OneSaas connect to GraphicMail by logging in or retrieving your API key. Once you're connected it's set and forget. You'll get alerts from OneSaas if there's anything you need to check.

You can choose the data from GraphicMail you want to connect

Bring your contacts and segmentation tags into GraphicMail from your eCommerce, CRM and accounting services:

  • Contacts - Full Contact Management including merging and synchronization is supported.
  • Multiple Lists - are supported for both push of new contacts and pull of existing contacts.
  • Tag Filtering - Contacts can be filtered and distributed in lists during the push operation based on their tags received from other systems like HighRise or Saasu.

No Set-up Fee

Only pay for what you need
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*All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD)